Brand Service


    You have a logo but can’t you apply it to different backgrounds and surfaces?

    Do you want your brand to have a more innovative and modern look?

    Do you need tools or methods to enhance your digital entertainment with your customers?

    Do you need an influence on digital media that will differentiate your brand and make it stand out?

    You feel the need for change, but can not you decide where to start?

    Do you need someone in your team who can apply the new digital marketing trends correctly?

    How Does The Process Work?


    My first step is collecting information. I try to understand what your company’s goals and dreams are and how your brand should be positioned to achieve those goals, by examining your competitors in the market and the obvious examples on the world.

    • Vision and mission,
    • Target group,
    • Competitors,
    • Research.


    Planning is undoubtedly the most important step because the ground for the entire project to be prepared is at this stage. As a result of the investigations, the collected data are summarized and reported. Needs are identified and a work plan is prepared.

    • Strategy,
    • Requirements,
    • Research Results,
    • Design Summary


    The design step is a visual presentation that realizes the information summarized at the planning stage. Once the name has been set, the logo, color palette, fonts and styles to be used are prepared in this step.

    • Logo and identity,
    • Design styles,
    • Color and font packages,
    • Review and approval cycle.


    Content and possible typos are passed through the eye. A “brand style booklet” is prepared and delivered, which will be used as a reference to the source files of the prepared designs and future designs.

    • Imprint tests,
    • Design files,
    • Brand style bookstore,
    • Document sharing.

    Product and Conclusion

    As a result of your branding service, you will have the products listed in the standard specifications listed below.


    An innovative and modern logo that can show itself in color, black and white.

    Vision and Design Summary

    The brand vision and design summary prepared in line with the collected data as a result of the research.

    Source Files

    Source files of all works in order to work on it again.


    Your brand has various design elements, images, slogans and texts that give direction, purpose and meaning.


    Font Styles and Color Palette

    Color palette and style files for use in future designs.


    Brand Style Guide

    Style document that you can give to designers on the basis of any design work to be applied to your brand.