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    My Story

    I am Korhan Topaloglu. I was born in İzmir TR on 17 April 1979. I finished Computer Programming in 2000 and Computer Engineering in 2009. I serve as a specialist in web design, software and development in the information technology sector, which has been around for over ten years.


    2004 – 2010

    Ege Unıversity, Izmir
    English Preparatory Class, Computer Engineering (Good Degree)

    1997 – 1999

    Ege University, Izmir
    Computer Programming (Good Degree)

    1989 – 1996

    Yunus Emre Anatolian High School, İzmir
    German Preparatory Class, Department of Science and Mathematics (Good grade)


    2013 – Present

    FREELANCER, Izmir, Türkiye
    Web Design and Application Development


    INOVERA, Izmir, Turkey
    Front-End Developer

    Previously the “University Information System” software prepared in the ASP.NET platform was used to make interface designs using CSS3 and jQuery, the creation of a CSS library to make use of the software,

    Making systems compatible with new W3C standards.

    2007 – 2012

    FREELANCER, Izmir, Turkey

    Web Design and Application Development

    Content Management System (CMS) has been written and developed using ASP (VBScript), MS SQL and MS Access.

    Interactive CD and full-flash web and banner designs using Adobe Flash and ActionScript, and dynamic data transfer with XML.

    Website design using Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Dreamweaver.

    2005 – 2007

    Interactive Developer

    Experienced teamwork, communication, interface design, Adobe Flash and ActionScript, Swift 3D modeling and animation techniques, voice recording and serialization.

    2003 – 2004

    DEVIM SOFTWARE, Izmir, Turkey
    Analyst and Programmer

    actively took part in the preparation, implementation and testing new modules for an e-municipality developed software in company.

    Borland Delphi 3 for software development, IBM DB2 for database.

    1999 – 2002

    IZMIR HIGH TECHNOLOGY Inc., İzmir, Türkiye

    Analyst and Programmer

    He worked as a programmer in the Urban Information System and University Information System projects. He has also been involved in the testing, operation and implementation of the software.

    IBM VisualAge for Smalltalk 8 was used to develop the software, and IBM DB2 was used for the database. We have experience in Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

    Some of the software for the projects are as follows:
    İztek Muhtarlık Systemi,
    General Accounting System,
    Revolving Capital Accounting System,
    SKS Accounting System,
    The City Autonomy System,
    Reconstruction and Numeration System,
    Urban Communication Center System,
    Market Place System.



    • PHP 90%
    • ASP 90%
    • SQL 70%
    • HTML5 90%
    • CSS3 90%
    • Javascript 70%
    • ActionScript (Flash) 70%
    • C, C++ 70%
    • JAVA (Eclipse, IBM VisualAge) 80%
    • Smalltalk (IBM VisualAge) 80%
    • Pascal (Borland Delphi) 80%


    • MySQL 80%
    • MS SQL 60%
    • MS Access 90%
    • IBM DB2 70%


    • jQuery 90%
    • Angular JS 60%
    • Bootstrap 90%
    • 960 Grid System 90%
    • Kube 90%
    • Telerik Controls 50%
    • Kendo UI 70%

    Content Management Systems (CMS)

    • WordPress 90%
    • WooCommerce 90%
    • Joomla! 70%
    • Drupal 70%
    • Concrete5 70%


    • Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks 80%
    • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator 80%
    • Adobe Flash 80%
    • Adobe Premiere 80%
    • Ms Office (Excell, Powerpoint, Word) 80%




    Ultimate / Freestyle Frisbee,
    Music (composing, writing, playing, writing, mixing, DJing),
    Art and Design (graphic, fashion),
    Video (animation, recording, real-time mixing),
    Philosophy and psychology,
    Astronomy and astrology,
    Yoga and meditation,
    Dance (fluid, cut, popping, tecktonic)
    Surf (skateboard, kite, wind).


    Foreign Languages

    English, Good Degree (learned in University)
    German, Good Degree (learned in High School)

    Military Service

    Completed (K.K.T.C. K.D.347 Kitchen Sergeant)

    Diving Licence

    B Class