SEO Service


    You have your website, but are you having trouble measuring it?

    You are tired of using your website just as a business card, and now you want someone to find you online?

    Do you need tools or methods to enhance your digital entertainment with your customers?

    Do you need an influence on digital media that will differentiate your brand and make it stand out?

    You feel the need for change, but can not you decide where to start?

    Do you need someone in your team who can apply the new digital marketing trends correctly?

    How Does The Process Work?


    My first step is collecting information. I try to find out what your internet site is on search engines, where you are in targeted words, title and subject interrogations, social media accounts, and the content that has been produced so far and what the goals are.

    • Keywords,
    • The advertising budget,
    • Sort,
    • Research.


    Planning is undoubtedly the most important step because the ground for the entire project to be prepared is at this stage. As a result of the investigations, the collected data are summarized and reported. Needs are identified and a work plan is prepared.

    • Strategy,
    • Requirements,
    • Research Results,
    • Summary.


    Work steps are organized on social media accounts, website content, keywords, in line with the information summarized during the planning phase. Your website is speed tested and your scores are raised to A level. Ads are eligible to be advertised on eligible channels through the advertising budget.

    • Web content text and visual editing,
    • Google Speed Tests,
    • Google Adwords,
    • Social media.


    Statistics and graphics are prepared and evaluated regularly every month about the service provided.

    • Monthly deliverables for given ads,
    • Search engine ranking statistics.
    • Social media tracker statistics.
    • Website visitor stats

    Product and Conclusion

    As a result of your branding service, you will have the products listed in the standard specifications listed below.

    Monthly Reports and Statistics

    Monthly reports and statistical documents of visitor, follower and ranking results for we can examine and measure the results of the work done.

    SEO Increase

    Moving your website to the frontline in the search results and targeted words and topics.

    Social Media Accounts

    Opening and editing social media accounts that will increase your brand’s reputation.

    Google PageSpeed Score 80+

    Your site will be delivered after you’ve received the “speed test alerts” when listing in search results and you’ve got a good grade.


    New / Regular Content

    Create new content that directly affects the likelihood of your website being visited and listed in front.

    Map Registration

    Your company’s location is registered in search engine maps.