Web Service


    Did you just want to introduce a company as well as a website that would understand some of the other side?

    Are you tired of using your website just like a simple business card, and are you imagining the excess?

    Do you need tools or methods to enhance your digital entertainment with your customers?

    Do you need an influence on digital media that will differentiate your brand and make it stand out?

    You feel the need for change, but can not you decide where to start?

    Do you need someone in your team who can apply the new digital marketing trends correctly?

    How Does The Process Work?


    The first and most important step is collecting information. I try to understand and explain what your company’s purpose is, what its business goals and dreams are, and how your website can benefit you in achieving these goals by examining your competitors in the market and other obvious examples on the world.

    • Needs analysis,
    • Goal and Objective,
    • Target audience identification,
    • Information about the content,
    • Project Specification.


    Planning is undoubtedly the most important step because the ground for the entire project to be prepared is at this stage. It is debated whether the firm needs revisions related to institutionalization. Unique domain names and social media accounts are queried and necessary registration is done through the name to be used.

    • Domain name registrations,
    • Breadcrumb,
    • The entire infrastructure of the project,
    • Requirements,
    • Templates and CMS.


    The design step is a visual presentation that realizes the information summarized at the planning stage. Logo, color palette, fonts to be used are prepared in this step. After the design stage, the web site is shaped with the exception of functionality and content transfer.

    • Brand identity,
    • Page content positioning,
    • Models of needs,
    • Review and approval cycle.


    Development involves much of your programming / coding work, as well as your content being loaded by me or the customer. Depending on the functionality of the project plan and specifications, the website is completed for delivery.

    • Infrastructure installation,
    • Registration types and pages,
    • Modular,
    • Content transfer,
    • Connections and functionality.


    The launch is final and at this stage the project is prepared to open to the public. Content and possible typos are passed through the eyes, user experience and operation tests are done. Once the tests are completed and approved, site usage is turned on.

    • User and bookmark tests,
    • Browser, server and speed test,
    • Mobile device tests,
    • Resource and document sharing,
    • Content management training.


    Your Web site has been opened for use, and the way to attract visitors to your site after this stage is to provide regular content or products. At this stage, I am happy to work together in line with your needs. I will go on with as long as you like to provide services such as regular e-newsletter postings, content creation and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) studies.

    • Hosting management,
    • Data Backup,
    • Software update,
    • SEO and Content,
    • Needs Analysis

    Product and Conclusion

    As a result of your branding service, you will have the products listed in the standard specifications listed below.

    Responsive Design

    Your website will be delivered after the necessary arrangements and tests have been completed so that it can be displayed properly on all devices.

    SEO Ready

    It is delivered with the management panel add-ons that allow the optimization settings to be set in order to be placed in search engines.


    Content Management System

    Your site is delivered with a user-friendly content management system that allows you to make the necessary edits, attachments and content updates once you are ready.

    Google PageSpeed Insights

    Your site will be delivered after the Google speed analysis warnings are cleared and your score is well received.


    Valid CSS/XHTML

    W3C – Delivered after the Valid CSS / XHTML code tests that the world web standards framework has determined and after the important fixes have been made.


    Source Code and File Sharing

    Once your site is complete, all content will be delivered to you as graphics and text files with source code.